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uber-broccoli soup with cheddar

I apologize for posting two soups in a row, but this is soup season, isn’t it? This is one of the first recipes I created when I moved to Boston after college. It’s evolved over the years, but remains one … Continue reading

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Corn chowder redux

I apologize for my prolonged absence. Evidently, when you prepare to send your only child off to college, days and weeks disappear in a moment. I was absolutely certain I’d posted just over a week ago, not nearly a month … Continue reading

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Sweet pea and spinach soup with chicken

A current trend among bloggers is the green smoothie. Kale + banana, spinach + strawberry, even dandelion greens + peaches. The smoothie aficionados swear that you don’t taste the kale/spinach/greens at all! Vegetables are some of my favorite foods. I … Continue reading


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Chicken and wheat berry soup

Tom bought me a year’s membership to our local co-op for my birthday in December. (Reminder to self: check to see if they still have ramps before the season ends.) I’ve loaded up on all sorts of goodies, especially whole … Continue reading

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Fire-roasted tomato and tortellini soup

I’m still recovering from foot surgery. After an hour (at most) on my feet I’m achy and need to sit for a while with my feet up. What does this have to do with cooking, you ask? Tom’s been doing … Continue reading

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Sweet and spicy corn & chicken chowder

Luke and I flew to New Hampshire last week for a brief family visit. My sister Jul and her family were kind enough to let us and our parents all stay at their house. Jul made some seriously tasty dinners, … Continue reading

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Roasted red pepper soup, for Laurie

Our friend Laurie is at home recuperating from a tonsillectomy, OD’ing on popsicles and Jell-O. Solid food is distant on the horizon. Feel better soon, Laurie! I thought something savory might be a welcome break, but it needed to be … Continue reading

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Chicken chili with black beans

We are a two-chili family. Tom makes a fantastic red chili with sausage and kidney beans; I make white chili with chicken and white beans. Tonight we had some lovely leftover chicken, so it was my turn. Once my onions … Continue reading

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Classic chicken noodle soup

Our wonderful friend Joe came over recently, bearing goodwill and the largest organic chicken I’d ever seen. He roasted it in our oven with an onion, a pile of tiny red potatoes, and not nearly enough carrots. (Few things on … Continue reading

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Big flavor, minimal effort: roasted potato soup

When you live without power for eleven-plus hours, especially on a summer day, it tends to have a negative effect on the food in your refrigerator. When you have no power for eleven-plus hours and you have a well, it … Continue reading

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