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Crisp and creamy white bean tortilla rolls

Now that Greek yogurt is available darned near everywhere, I’ve been experimenting with its savory side.  I’ve used it instead of sour cream in ranch dressing. I’ve whisked it with a touch of mayo and a spoonful of dijon mustard to … Continue reading

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Zucchini, bell pepper and wheat berry pilaf

I need to apologize for my absence. Our one and only child graduated from high school last week. We’ve spent the last few weeks attending awards ceremonies and graduation parties, and planning our own celebration. Here is our wonderful Luke … Continue reading

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Braised chicken and bell peppers

To misquote my sister’s favorite TV chef Ina Garten, how pretty is that? Red bell peppers are one of my top three favorite vegetables. They’re sweet without being sugary, delicious raw and cooked into oblivion, or anywhere in between, and … Continue reading

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Roasted red pepper soup, for Laurie

Our friend Laurie is at home recuperating from a tonsillectomy, OD’ing on popsicles and Jell-O. Solid food is distant on the horizon. Feel better soon, Laurie! I thought something savory might be a welcome break, but it needed to be … Continue reading

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Spicy tomato-artichoke chicken

When you go to Florida every March, as we do, you get a brief preview of summer long before the 80-degree days will appear at home. It’s heavenly to start the day with a walk on the beach. On the last day, … Continue reading

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Galette: the no-fuss tart for pastry-phobes

I’ve been reading about those free-form tarts called galettes lately. I went through a galette phase years ago, but hadn’t made one recently. The rustic aspect is appealing, as is the complete freedom to fill them with anything the imagination … Continue reading

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