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Sweet pea and spinach soup with chicken

A current trend among bloggers is the green smoothie. Kale + banana, spinach + strawberry, even dandelion greens + peaches. The smoothie aficionados swear that you don’t taste the kale/spinach/greens at all! Vegetables are some of my favorite foods. I … Continue reading

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Crisp, tender chicken carnitas

I am a relatively new but quite enthusiastic convert to Pinterest. One of my boards, naturally, is recipe ideas. I found an intriguing recipe for pork carnitas there. Carnitas are all about contrast. They’re traditionally made with a big ole … Continue reading

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Herb-stuffed pork tenderloin

Tom and I met years ago in Washington, DC, where politics influence every aspect of daily life. We were on hand for more than one presidential inauguration, and went to an inaugural ball together. Four years ago, in Wisconsin, we … Continue reading

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Pasta with kale and walnuts: lunch in 20 minutes

Sandwiches are perfectly fine. I have nothing against them, and do partake now and then. But give me a nice bowl of soup or pasta for lunch any day. After a few days of less-than-healthy eating (fast food, way too … Continue reading

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Spicy chicken lettuce wraps

Did I mention we have air conditioning now? I guess I didn’t need to; I’m sure everyone heard our sighs of relief from many miles away. Our new air conditioner is not lowering the temperature to arctic levels, thank goodness. … Continue reading

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Fresh pea and spinach salad

Our brief, glorious growing season is underway here in Wisconsin. Spring onions, lettuces, ruby-red strawberries, and peas are all available at farmers’ markets. Frozen peas are a kitchen staple for most of us, and for good reason. They hold up … Continue reading

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Big flavor, minimal effort: roasted potato soup

When you live without power for eleven-plus hours, especially on a summer day, it tends to have a negative effect on the food in your refrigerator. When you have no power for eleven-plus hours and you have a well, it … Continue reading

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In the swim with bananas and chocolate

Since we seem to have gone from early spring straight into steamy summer, Tom decided it was time to introduce our dogs to our best real estate asset: the river in our backyard. After all, Libby’s half Lab and Cleo … Continue reading

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