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Whole Foods contest finalist!

Whole Foods Market Cooking holds contests on a regular basis. They often challenge bloggers to post their best recipes using one particular ingredient. I entered their potato recipe contest with my Potato-Prosciutto Pizza, and recently learned that it’s a finalist! … Continue reading

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Return to The Pig: roast pork

Return to The Pig: roast pork I was against The Pig at first. This was partly because my otherwise sane and wonderful husband purchased the half-pig from his friend and told me only after the fact. Before The Pig, we … Continue reading

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BLT risotto

I confess I was not riding the bacon bandwagon. It wasn’t that I disliked bacon; I just didn’t think it was a necessity of life. But my experience had been limited to preservative-laden, shrink-wrapped supermarket bacon. I hadn’t had locally … Continue reading

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Classic chicken noodle soup

Our wonderful friend Joe came over recently, bearing goodwill and the largest organic chicken I’d ever seen. He roasted it in our oven with an onion, a pile of tiny red potatoes, and not nearly enough carrots. (Few things on … Continue reading

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The delights of Christian’s Bistro

Those look like regular potato chips, don’t they? So misleading. In fact, what you  see above is a bowl of Christian’s Bistro’s Wisconsin Red Potato Truffle Chips with parmesan and fresh herbs. Not the same thing at all. These chips … Continue reading

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