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Birthday surprise

We tend not to feel constrained by convention around here. Our favorite Christmas Eve dinner is a large platter of our homemade potstickers, for example. We’re not big fans of the classic frosted cake. There’s nothing wrong with it — … Continue reading

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Healthy crunch: homemade pita chips

Sure, you can buy premade pita chips, but why, when these are so easy to make? Seriously, it’ll take 20 minutes tops, from the time you grab the cutting board to when you’re scooping the golden triangles onto the cooling … Continue reading

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A snowy treat: chocolate crinkle cookies

Little snowballs of chocolate heaven — what more do you need to know? The powdery sugar coating cracks in the oven to reveal the fudgy interior. They’re as moist and deeply chocolate as a brownie, but lighter in texture; they … Continue reading

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The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap!

It’s time for the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap recipes! This event was conceived by bloggers Taylor and Lindsay at Love and Olive Oil, along with Julie of The Little Kitchen. Over 600 food bloggers participated this inaugural year. Every … Continue reading

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The Cookie Swap is coming…

This is a tease. I’m not giving you any recipes — yet; you have to check back in on Monday. The folks at Love and Olive Oil and The Little Kitchen have created what they hope will be an annual … Continue reading

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Cranberry-orange muffins

When I have a hankering for muffins, I pull out a tiny cookbook, a brochure really. It’s called “New England Muffins,” and was written by Nancy Berzinec in 1987. It has simple, unfussy muffin recipes that are completely reliable. These … Continue reading


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