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Sweet pea and spinach soup with chicken

A current trend among bloggers is the green smoothie. Kale + banana, spinach + strawberry, even dandelion greens + peaches. The smoothie aficionados swear that you don’t taste the kale/spinach/greens at all! Vegetables are some of my favorite foods. I … Continue reading

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Fresh pea and spinach salad

Our brief, glorious growing season is underway here in Wisconsin. Spring onions, lettuces, ruby-red strawberries, and peas are all available at farmers’ markets. Frozen peas are a kitchen staple for most of us, and for good reason. They hold up … Continue reading

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Peas in (and out of) a pod

Last week, Tom and Luke were both on vacation. We spent it at home, playing with friends and occasionally trying (yet again) to teach the puppies to swim. It was the perfect balance of activity and leisure (which doesn’t explain … Continue reading

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