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Eat-your-veggies pancakes

Years ago I edited the Best 50 Pancake Recipes (Bristol Press) by Rachel Wylde. I’m not a big breakfast pancake-with-maple syrup gal, but Rachel pushed the pancake envelope well beyond the expected. We tried several of her savory pancake recipes … Continue reading

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The moon and meat loaf

We spent last week in Florida visiting my wonderful mother-in-law. The weather was flawless: temperatures in the low eighties, clear skies, and delicate breezes every single day. The setting was perfect for Saturday’s perigee moon. We did the best we … Continue reading

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Bring on the green!

The photo at the top is of my backyard. Well, it’s what my backyard looks like in June, when the landscape is lush and green and the river flows freely. At the moment, my backyard looks more like this: Still … Continue reading

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Welcome to Rivertree kitchen.

Good cooks (I’m not talking about chefs here; this is all about home cooking) fall into two categories. The first type is a genius for wading through a forest of recipes and selecting the most delectable. This GHC (Good Home … Continue reading

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