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Rice pilaf with toasted soba noodles

There’s a pasta cooking technique that involves breaking thin noodles (usually spaghetti or linguine) in small pieces, frying them until golden in copious amounts of oil, then boiling them as usual. The result is tender pasta with lots of flavor … Continue reading

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Pasta with kale and walnuts: lunch in 20 minutes

Sandwiches are perfectly fine. I have nothing against them, and do partake now and then. But give me a nice bowl of soup or pasta for lunch any day. After a few days of less-than-healthy eating (fast food, way too … Continue reading

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Mac & cheese with a panko crust

Today’s post will be fast and dirty, because my brother-in-law Steve requested this recipe and I leave tomorrow morning for Portland, Oregon. We served this mac and cheese to Steve and his family a few days ago. I made a … Continue reading

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Garlicky zucchini noodles

I had a honkin’ big zucchini from a friend’s garden. Actually, that’s what led me to search for a new recipe, that baseball bat of a squash lording over the tiny cherry tomatoes on my kitchen counter, issuing a challenge. … Continue reading

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Classic chicken noodle soup

Our wonderful friend Joe came over recently, bearing goodwill and the largest organic chicken I’d ever seen. He roasted it in our oven with an onion, a pile of tiny red potatoes, and not nearly enough carrots. (Few things on … Continue reading

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