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Asparagus in the raw

We finally had a fleeting glimpse of summer; it reached 89 degrees yesterday, and the mid-80s today. The garden is growing so quickly you can almost watch the leaves unfurling. I’ve planted seeds for zinnias, cosmos, nasturtium, basil and parsley. … Continue reading

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C’mon, summer! A salad to bring it on.

It’s not summer yet. No matter how I parse it, 50 degrees and fiercely windy does not a summer day make, even here in the Frozen Tundra. My pepper and herb plants are sleeping indoors at night, since there’s still … Continue reading

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A lighter (?) version of garlic bread

Parmesan-Garlic Toasts Tonight was fish night in our house. What this means is I have a piece of fish that I usually prepare with an herb crust; Tom has Mrs. Paul’s (fish sticks or fillets), and Luke has chicken sausage. … Continue reading

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Fortifying spinach crostini

This was a day of repairs. The fun began at 7 a.m., when I pulled the car out of the garage and noticed the “check engine” light glowing on the dashboard of my nine-year-old Subaru. Luke got in the car … Continue reading

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Anytime biscotti

A few summers ago, two of our dearest friends got married. We hosted a few pre-  and post-wedding gatherings, and many other impromptu dinners on the deck. My idea of a great summer. I’m not much of a pastry chef … Continue reading

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Nutty parmesan shortbreads

We tend toward hibernation in the winter — this is Wisconsin, after all. But now that it’s spring we’re feeling mighty sociable. It’s time to have some options on hand for unexpected guests. For example, my pantry has cans of … Continue reading

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Is it spring yet?

It’s May first in Wisconsin, and once again it’s freezing. My garden is empty and forlorn, lonely for the plants that can’t go in until this crazy cold goes away for good. We decided to pretend it was a nice … Continue reading

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