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Drinkable berries: homemade strawberry sorbet soda

Strawberry season — finally! There’s nothing on this green earth like the scent of a strawberry still warm from the field. And that color, that glowing ruby red right through to the center — now that’s a perfect strawberry. The … Continue reading

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Galette: the no-fuss tart for pastry-phobes

I’ve been reading about those free-form tarts called galettes lately. I went through a galette phase years ago, but hadn’t made one recently. The rustic aspect is appealing, as is the complete freedom to fill them with anything the imagination … Continue reading

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A frozen treat for steamy days

Although I’m definitely in possession of a serious sweet tooth, I’m generally not a big fan of fruit. Veggies fill my requirements for that slot on the ole food pyramid; give me a ruby red pepper or a fresh bunch … Continue reading

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Rising to new heights

The girls are hanging at doggie camp for the night. We’re still holding out hope for a trip to New England later this summer. Our wonderful pups have separation issues, so we’re introducing them to the joys of canine sleepovers. … Continue reading

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Carla’s cookies, savory style

I received a fabulous gift on Friday. I am eternally grateful to the generous person who sent me a savory cookie sampler from Alchemy by Carla Hall. Okay, I confess: I did it. I bought the sampler and had it … Continue reading

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In the swim with bananas and chocolate

Since we seem to have gone from early spring straight into steamy summer, Tom decided it was time to introduce our dogs to our best real estate asset: the river in our backyard. After all, Libby’s half Lab and Cleo … Continue reading

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