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Broccolini-Bacon Pizza

Broccolini is my favorite vegetable. I am a big fan of vegetables in general, so this is saying a lot. Broccolini is not, in fact, another name for broccoli rabe, nor is it simply baby broccoli. It’s a fairly recent … Continue reading

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A twist on potstickers

We make potstickers frequently. I usually fill them with a mixture of finely minced veggies sautéed until quite tender, tossed with a little brown rice and maybe a bit of leftover chicken or pork. I season them with soy sauce, … Continue reading

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Turkey tamale pie for Pi Day

In honor of Pi Day (3/14), I decided to join the masses (including my son’s advanced physics class) and make pie. Since I have not yet succeeded at my goal to achieve perfect piecrust, I went with one of Luke’s … Continue reading

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Rice pilaf with toasted soba noodles

There’s a pasta cooking technique that involves breaking thin noodles (usually spaghetti or linguine) in small pieces, frying them until golden in copious amounts of oil, then boiling them as usual. The result is tender pasta with lots of flavor … Continue reading

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