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Crunchy carrot salad for the 21st century

As I’ve said before, we adore carrots in all their myriad forms here at Rivertree Kitchen. I’ve cooked them with honey and chiles, tossed them in with a roasting chicken, shredded them into Thai peanut noodles, even baked them in … Continue reading

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Chicken-parmesan pot pies

For Luke’s birthday last weekend (my child is 18! How did that happen?), he stuck with the family tradition and requested chocolate soufflés as his birthday “cake.” Our ramekins had somehow vanished, so I bought new ones. They were the … Continue reading

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Apple-carrot cake

I’m officially endorsing cake for breakfast. Not all cakes, of course. If you’re snarfing down a slice of triple-layer chocolate cake at 9 am, I don’t want to hear about it. This cake is so loaded with carrots and apples … Continue reading

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Pasta with spicy peanut sauce

Our house does not have air conditioning. (Yes, Wisconsin does get hot —sometimes downright steamy — in the summer.) Most of the time this is manageable, since we are shaded by the many trees on our property, but keeping the … Continue reading

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Braised pork with carrots and parsnips

My day job is as a freelance book editor, mostly cookbooks. I am grateful beyond words (sorry about the pun) to be able to work with food writers and chefs. I learn new things every day. I recently had the … Continue reading

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Classic chicken noodle soup

Our wonderful friend Joe came over recently, bearing goodwill and the largest organic chicken I’d ever seen. He roasted it in our oven with an onion, a pile of tiny red potatoes, and not nearly enough carrots. (Few things on … Continue reading

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Carrots, sweet and spicy

Even when I was the pickiest of picky eaters, I loved carrots. The crunch, the sweetness, the vibrant color: all good. Tom and Luke feel the same way. We love our carrots raw or cooked, and especially when they’re roasted … Continue reading

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