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Zucchini with pepitas: Too much is just enough

When is a vegetable cooked properly? Should it retain some crunch, or ┬ábe cooked to melting tenderness? Tom and I are often at odds on this subject. We both prefer our carrots to be steamed (or roasted, or braised) nearly … Continue reading

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Stuffed zucchini in the OLD oven

Yes, you read that right: we’re getting a new stove! The old one had an extra-hot (15,000 BTU) burner and a simmer burner, along with two regular burners. (I don’t need to explain that this is a gas stove, do … Continue reading

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More roasted veggies: butternut squash

Like so many American foodies, I grew up watching Julia Child on television. When my son was really young, our Saturday pre-dinner ritual was watching Julia and Jacques: Cooking at Home. The affection these two master chefs had for each … Continue reading

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