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Cheddar and black pepper skillet focaccia

A mild Pinterest addiction can really come in handy. My current hairstyle, our recently painted beet-red front door, the necklace I made and am wearing right now — all courtesy of ideas found on Pinterest. Mostly I pin recipes.  One-Hour … Continue reading

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Easy, cheesy no-knead bread

Big news (at least to me): My Peach-Prosciutto Crostini post is the Post of the Day on Food 4um! Many thanks to JoAnn for her support. Now, back to our regularly scheduled program…. My suitcase is finally stashed away, after … Continue reading

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Summer bash: peach-prosciutto crostini

Every summer, usually in July, we have an all-day party with friends from Tom’s high school years. I make the appetizers and the main course, and everyone else brings salads, dessert, and drinks. We refer to this as our Summer … Continue reading

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A lighter (?) version of garlic bread

Parmesan-Garlic Toasts Tonight was fish night in our house. What this means is I have a piece of fish that I usually prepare with an herb crust; Tom has Mrs. Paul’s (fish sticks or fillets), and Luke has chicken sausage. … Continue reading

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