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blueberry banana muffins

Rules were broken while making these muffins. I’m all about experimenting with savory dishes, but I’m strictly law-abiding when it comes to the sweet stuff. Baking is a science. When you upset the balance of wet vs. dry, of gluten … Continue reading

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Potato-ham hash: it’s not just for breakfast

One of these days I need to make hash for breakfast. Crispy potato bits, maybe topped with a lovely fried egg with a runny yolk… . What a great way to start the day. It’s not that I’ve never made … Continue reading

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fried egg sandwich with roasted pepper

If there’s one food trend that I’m right on top of, it’s the fried egg sandwich. An egg is perfect foil for so many flavors. I confess that part of the reason I add peppers is as justification for the buttery egg … Continue reading

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Scrambled egg pasta: looks aren’t everything

As you can tell from the photo, you don’t make this dish for its looks. It’s not pretty. (I served it alongside some sautéed spinach for color and nutrients. That, and we like spinach with just about everything.) Despite the … Continue reading

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